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Clinicly was established by specialists who have many years of experience in planning and monitoring clinical trials. Our team includes both Senior CRA and Project Manager.


Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a key stage in the development of any potential drug, the success of which depends on the possibility of its introduction to the market.
Since conducting clinical trials is associated with the obligation to have extensive know-how, research sponsoring institutions cooperate with companies from the Clinical Research Organization (CRO). Clinicly is such a nationwide company. If your company wants to organize a clinical trial in Poland or is looking for a team of clinical trial monitors to supervise projects, be sure to contact us.


Observational studies

Observational studies are non-interventional studies whose main goal is to analyze a specific population in the context of the phenomena of interest to us.
Planning and execution of observational studies is simpler and cheaper than clinical trials. In some specific cases, an observational study is sufficient to prove the scientific hypothesis or efficacy of a potential drug. Contact us if you are wondering if your project can be implemented as an observational study.
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